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Wa-Full Farm

Paul & Chris Wait

2961 18th Road, Fullerton, Nebraska 68628

Paul's cell 308-624-0146  or  email:

Quality Not Quantity Classic Shetland Ponies

Wa-Full Farm started back in the 1960's with a herd of registered Holstein Cattle.  Currently we no longer have the milking herd but a herd of Registered ASPC/AMHR horses.  We have been raising them for the past 50 years.  We have sold across the US and Canada.  

Along with the help of our 2 daughters, Tracey Slagle and Patsy Egeland and their families we all work together to promote the Shetland Pony breed.  Below you are able to click on their personal web sites.  We all are located about 100 miles West of Omaha.

We hope you enjoy your travel through this site and as always if you have any questions please be sure to contact us if you just want to talk ponies give us a call.
                                                       Paul and Chris                  

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